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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Well, I am Sewing.

Indeed I am. Lot's and Lot's, 'cos the Kitchen is finished !!
All blocks for various charities are done and now for some me time.

You remember that lovely bundle of fabrics I bartered for from the lovely sewing shop, 
Sew and so's of Bungay. After much stroking and fondling and just looking at, I cut two 5" squares from each of 32 of the fat quarters. and with some neutral background from my stash another 32, 5" squares plus some 1" x 5" strips of background. Now it looks like this. The idea came from a free pattern on Craftsy called  "Daisy Baby", though I made a lot more blocks.

I did try to take a photo outside as it was not raining for once, but the wind was blowing a hooly so it's an indoor shot on the spare bed.
I have got all sorts of ideas for lots of borders around it. As I want to put stitchery in the plain blocks, I thought now was the  time to do that, as it would be easer to work with.

My idea is to cover it with Cow Parsley or to give it it's proper name "Queen Ann's Lace."

This is the centre block, I am freehand drawing them on the blocks (so that each one will be a bit different) and backing with a little stabiliser. Using Cosmos thread this one is a greyish blue, which goes well with the subtle fabrics.

This could take a long time, but it's fun, and what's time when you are having fun..

I did finish the 12" block for the community group quilt "the fish shop" and I am quite pleased.
It was fun to make and a lot easier than the last one.

This was it with photo before I stitched everything down

And the finished Block.

I need to get back to my stitchery on the Parsley Quilt before next months BOM's arrive in my sewing room.

Keep safe and keep stitching............Doti.....

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Not much Sewing Done.

Painting, decorating and sewing does not mix very well, and our kitchen was in need of a makeover, so most of my time has been taken up wielding a roller while Mr M does the fiddly bits of glossing the woodwork.

I did however manage to get two blocks done for Alison of Little Island Quilting

Orphan blocks for Soy Amando

This is what Alison says on her flicker site.

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Little Island Quilting is a group administrator Little Island Quilting says:

I'm trying to get around 70 quilts made for a home in Mexico City that I visited on Christmas Day 2013. The home is for former street children who had the worst start imaginable in life.

While they are all now clothed and fed they don't really have anything special that belongs just to them. I took a baby quilt when I visited and they completely 'got' how special a quilt can be.

In an ideal world we' d all make whole quilts (single bed size) but I know that time and cost are barriers so to make it as accessible as possible to everyone who wants to help, I am asking for quilted 12 /1/2" unfinished quilt blocks so I can assemble whole quilts from the blocks I receive.

I really don't mind what you send me. I'm sure we've all got orphan blocks tucked away that we're just never going to use. If they are too small just add a border, too big cut them down. Add batting and backing, quilt and then send to me.

On each quilt I am free motion applique Soy Amado - Spanish for 'I am loved'.

Please Flickrmail me for my address or leave a reply to this post if you have any questions.

Thanks very much


Now I bet every one has at least one orphan block tucked away somewhere, and my goodness, it's for such a good cause. So lets help Alison to get to her target of 70 quilts, so that each child in that home has something special to call their own.

Keep safe and keep stitching..........Doti...

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Applique Block Finished.

Yes indeed, the February BOM's are done for this month, so I have the rest of the month to play.

Februarys Block.
This one was by far the most difficult to stitch and it has been difficult to photograph as well, either too light or too bright. This is a little on the bright side.

Now talking of playing, have I got something lovely to play with.

 A great big bundle of the most scrumptious Lecien fabrics. I know what you are going to say,
 "thought she was on a fabric fast"

Well I was and in a way I still am. These Beautiful fabrics are from Sew & Sos of Bungay one of the nicest quilt shops in the whole of Suffolk, a dream place for quilters.                                                                                                      
The lovely Verona who owns the shop with her husband Rob, did a bit of bartering with me. She is going to write a pattern for some of my red work designs and I get to play with these lovely fabrics. So watch this space...

Yesterday we were all at the Bee, lots of fun and laughter and too much cake, as usual..

Ann, (to much applause) FINISHED hand quilting her Chinese lanterns Quilt, her first UFO of the year. It really is a fun quilt..

I ought to be finishing some of my UFO's, but I do really want to play.  So for a few days I am going to do just that and then maybe look at all my UFO's and see which one shouts the loudest.. :0))

Keep safe and keep stitching.......Doti...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Plodding along

The last thing I said on my last post was that I was going to sit in front of the fire and finish my socks.

Well here they are, not had their first wash yet but very toasty. They look very pink in this photo, in fact the wool was bought for Mr M, as he only wears red socks, but when it arrived from the 
Natural Dye Studio it did indeed tend to lean towards the pink side of red, if you know what I mean. So they are now mine.. I could have been a little influenced  by the name of this wool. It was called "Combe Martin"and as you in the family know we used to live there..

My Alphabet piecing block for February is done, just the buttonhole stitching to do around the letters. I have to get my trusty old Bernina out to do that.

 All the quilting is done on the Mystery Quilt, but no photo as yet. I do need to take that in the daylight, when it finally stops raining.

All the appliqué shapes are cut out for my hand turned BOM, stems done, and now on the leaves and it is looking OK..

 I am sorry, I forgot to give you the last two drawings for the Elfin Way Quilt. So here they are.
I did however embroider "Elfin Way" between these little terraces of houses.

Back to the appliqué BOM, then to cast on another pair of socks to start this evening all cosy beside the fire..

Keep safe and keep stitching....Doti...