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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Woo Hoo..

Woo Hoo indeed, on lots of things and happenings.

First we had a wonderful holiday with No1 son and our lovely DIL in Key West. It was very hot this time, and yep, I won the fishing contest by half an inch.That is two years on the trot.

A Pelican tried to make friends with me, and every time I was about to land a fish he would appear and plop down in the sea beside the boat. He was unlucky though, as we use barbless hooks and gently put the fish back in the water, although I did chuck him a lizard fish (my they are ugly) but he was not keen on it either and let it swim away.

Percy the pelican ever hopeful.
I joined The Seven Skeins club before I went away, but I only managed one Baffie while I was there.
Baffle, you may well ask, is the highland name for indoor slippers.:0))

I have, however, managed to knit several more pairs since arriving home. They are a bit addictive and knit up very quickly..

Several Birthdays are coming up at the Bee, so a quick bit of sewing was needed as my gift drawer was almost empty.

These are quick and easy to make too and great fun, so another Woo Hoo.
 Cut three layers all 5 inches for the small one and 6 inches for the larger one. I used Linen for the back, normal wadding and Liberty lawn for the tops. Sew all around leaving a small gap to turn to right side. Then top stitch edge and do a stay stitch about 1 inch in,  then nip the corners together and stitch with embroidery thread.

Now, that is as clear as mud eh! but I am sure all you very creative sewers out there know just what I mean.

I am the Mama of the month for the Siblings Together2 group, and chose Ollie Owl for Novembers blocks. When I got home lots of these lovely owls had arrived from the other ladies of the group.

Here are mine, I do however need to finish the hand stitching.

A new pattern appears in my inbox every Friday, from
 the Seven Skeins  Club, so I am well behind. The next thing I am going to attempt though are  Pawkies. Yep I can hear you , "what on earth are Pawkies" well they are fingerless gloves. :0)
So watch this space..

So many things happened while I was away, like standing on a sand bank, two miles out from land in the Gulf of Mexico sipping Prosecco. Surreal and fun. Woo Hoo...

Now where is that Pawkies pattern ?

Keep safe and keep stitching...................Doti...