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Friday, 26 October 2012

Home again

This is the last crazy photo you will see of our wonderful hectic holiday in Key West.
Hubby and I off to a Tutu Party

We are home after a long and eventful journey, we have collected our wonderful dogs from the kennels,( goodness they were so pleased to see us) as were we to see them.

Tug boats
I have to get back to my sewing as I definitely have withdrawal symptoms. I can't believe I have not done any for three weeks. Looking at my design wall with fresh eyes and at the last of my tug boats wall hangings I think I have fresh ideas for them, probably down to all the fishing we did in Key West with our son and daughter-in-law. It was great and we did catch lots of fish.

I must get up to date with my Fernhill BOM first, and then tug boat Billy here I come, Oh lovely holiday but sooooo... good to be home.

Keep safe and keep stitching......Doti

Sunday, 21 October 2012

South Beach Miami

Hi everyone, still no stitching done. We are away in Miami for a couple of days, this is a picture of my hubby and I on would you believe it a Salvador Dali chair in the foyer of the Delano.

I wanted to let you know that I had not really grown fins aka my last post.

I visited the Seam Shoppe, the only quilt shop in Key West, and bought some lovely fabric to add to my stash at home, I could not resist, not only was it cheaper than in England but they were also having a 20% off sale that day, so all my will power went out the window, Ha!



Keep safe and keep stitching Doti .


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Still here in Key West

But I think I should return home soon, don't you think so girls? I seem to be growing FINS........


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Still working down in the Keys.

And look who has followed me from England, the Elfin Patch gardener no less, I caught him lurking in a very scruffy parking lot,not sure who his new pal was, but if I can have a holiday than so can he.

This is how far I have got with my button club quilt, all the borders are on and now for the appliqué 
I have made all the yoyo's with the help of my dear friend Alison(she is the yoyo queen) and my bias strips for the garland.
the trouble is the pool is calling and I have been to the gym this morning and had my first session with a personal trainer called Bill, so might just go and soak my aching limbs.

keep safe and keep stitching Doti

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wednesday Club

Wednesday club is always good fun and this week it was just so, though some girls were away on their holidays the rest of us had a good time. As I have said before Wednesday club is held at Quilters haven in Wickham Market and on walking in I was greeted by this display of the patterns that I have designed. The October sun was shining in so they are not that clear, but it was nice to see. The brightly coloured one was pieced and stitched by Pam who works at QH, the other two are my originals.

The display in the shop at Q.H.

Alison and I were working on our Lynette Anderson Button club Mystery block of the month, we only have two months to go now and at last it looks like its coming together and we think 
This is Alison's work in progress.
 we know what we are doing at last. HA! Alison has used lovely subtle browns and pinks. I am taking mine with me to Key West and hopefully I will get on with it there.

Jo's wall hanging.

Jo was working on a wall hanging for her sister. It is a copy of the book cover of the book her sister has written, oh! I do have some talented friends.

Ann's stained glass window quilt.
Ann was putting the finishing touches to her jewel like quilt top, it is really stunning.

 Last but not least Annie was putting the binding on her beautiful quilt, that I posted last week. I managed to get a close up of her lovely hand quilting. She puts us all in the shade, her stitches are so tiny. Double click the picture below and you will see.

Close up of one of the squares in Annie's quilt
Jenny was not having a good day. You know the type of day when every thing you touch turns to you know what, (I get lots of those days) but we did laugh a lot at Jenny's expense and I do hope she forgives us.

I am off to Key West to visit our eldest son and our daughter in law, not sure if I shall write anything on my blog while I am away but I hope to. There is a small quilt shop on the island which of course is a must to visit.

keep safe and keep stitching Doti.