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Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year and a New Start.

Christmas has come and gone and I do hope every one had a good family time, and are now ready to start the New Year.
2016, what will it hold for us all? Lots and lots of sewing and knitting for me I hope. I am not going to say I will finish off lots of UFO's like other years, and then carry the burden all through the year.
If I do get around to them, then thats good. If not thats good too!

2016 is going to be FUN

Our youngest two granddaughters made this gingerbread house for Mr M for Christmas. He was thrilled and is still munching his way through it. I love the sledge out front and the windows made with spun sugar..

November, I was the mama of the month and asked for Ollie Owl blocks. These are the first 12 made into a quilt top, and I have enough to make another top,.Not sure how I will put the next group together as yet, but I hope to finish two quilts for the Siblings Together Charity, which is very dear to my heart.

My next job however, is to make some wonky cross blocks for Sue who is the Mama for January. First to find some bright blue and mustard fabric in my stash suitable for a boy..

I have succumbed to the first temptation, but what a FUN one.

Guess who has a sale on and yes I could not resist Oakshott fabrics. You may remember the floral Appliqué quilt I finished last year. It was all made in Oakshott fabric and was wonderful to sew with.

On that note myself and Mr M wish every one a Happy and Fun filled 2016...

Keep safe and keep stitching.....................Doti...

Monday, 7 December 2015

Churn Dash Block..

Well, my last post was" Woo Hoo" and since then its gone wooooo and with it my mojo..
No stitching has been done at all, though I have done a little knitting. 
I was, however, on a course with the lovely Lynne Edwards last Friday and she seems to have rebooted my mojo a little.

It was all about a quick way to make the churn dash block, and as always with Lynne, a fun day..
I only made two blocks up on the day. but what an easy way to do it..

 However, the next day Mr M went off up to London to watch his football team, and I sewed all day.
I might need to add another border to make it a little larger.

And then, gift it to my favourite Charity. Siblings Together and they now have a blog.siblingstogetherquiltgroup.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/welcome...

I did make just a couple of tree decorations, just two 7 1/2" circles stitched around, turned inside out and stay stitched and then all four middles joined and the corners flipped over.

I also took pictures at the Bee last week, so here is a little round up.

This was the lovely Pippa's french braid all made with scraps.

This was Maggie's Mammoth quilt, two girls stood on chairs to hold it up and it still reached the floor. It was a commission.. Maggie does do big..

 Then the lovely Liz who had made three of these great wall hangings for her grand children.

The Christmas tree is up and I have finished the Christmas shopping. 
Mince pies and sausage rolls are in the freezer. Just the wrapping of the presents to do, and of course the cards to write, but they can wait until tomorrow..

Going to put my feet up and do a little knitting..

keep safe and keep stitching .....................Doti...