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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Not a UFO...

My friend Allison put me to shame at the Bee last week as she was quilting yet another UFO, and yep that was what I was going to do this year too.!

Well, I looked through my many UFO's and you know the feeling, no inspiration whatsoever. I did however, find an old quilt I made for Mr M a long time a go, which he had stuck in the washing machine and (Boiled) yes, he thought he was being helpful. :0) The silk wadding had shrunk like 
BillyO and it was a real mess.
So it was taken to pieces, (thank goodness there was not too much quilting), washed again, pressed, new wadding and backing, re quilted and just the binding to sew on.

Am I pleased? I sure am and also Mr M was.

Not sure this was a UFO as it had been finished once. So now it is a WIP
Work In Progress.

Things are progressing on the textile front, I made a little note book cover on the water theme.

Also played about with last weeks lesson, which was mono printing on cotton fabric.

Machine embroidered and quilted.

Don't ask what is below, I am not sure myself or what the dickens I am going to do with it. 
Just playing with fabric...

This is for my Doggie friends and family, Gladdie our Deerhound trying to tell me she has not been eating the flowers again..
 On that note,

Keep safe and keep stitching.....................Doti...

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Honeybee Quilt

This is another quilt from my favourite quilting magazine Vignette. It has been on my "to do" list since I first saw it. I finally thought I would give it a go. With the white and all those lovely greens it looks so fresh.

It is very aptly named, as you know the quilting group I belong to meets at the Bee Hive in Wickham Market every Wednesday. I have made up 20 of the 37 blocks needed and am now in the process of adding the little oval leaves. 444 in total are needed for that, and yes I know, I did say I would not do any more needle turned appliqué and I did try machine stitching them but I think they look better needle turned.So I shall have plenty to do at the Bee for the forthcoming weeks.:0)

My textile course is keeping me busy so here is a little look at my sketch book. Yep it is like being back at Art College

Painted B Web fused to cotton on felted wool with added threads.

I told you last blog we were painting on Bonda Web/ Wonder under. Well it's great fun, though not sure how to incorporate it into a quilting project as yet.

Painted BW fused to felt.

Free motion on cotton and silk from original photo of reflections.
Last week, we were being taught dyeing fabric in a microwave and I hope to have a go this week. If nothing else I am learning lots of new techniques and at 72 years young that is not a bad thing.

Got to get back to my appliqué. Only 411 little green leaves to go now Ha! Ha!

keep safe and keep stitching...........................Doti...

Saturday, 13 June 2015


What have I been up too..... ? you may well ask..

I have been going to a textile art group, which at the beginning completely overwhelmed me.
You know the scenario ( thinks to oneself what the dickens am I doing here ) :0)

We are working from an A level Textiles course, and we were given Water as our theme.
So water was duly brainstormed. Water ie: running water, sea water, puddles, reflections etc etc.

I decided on reflections and not venturing very far, just into the garden to one of the bird baths and this was my starting point.

Trees and srubs reflected in the water.

 After this we painted with water colours,( no photos of my paintings as yet ) but
this is it so far, my piece of felted fabric. A long way to go but it's getting there.

Wool from the scrap bag was sewn on to Solufleece and then felted with a hand needle felting tool and block( this takes for ever)!.

Yesterday in class, we were painting Bondaweb/wonder under with acrylic paint so watch this space!!!!!

Getting back to something approaching normality, I have finished block three of  of Mrs Beasley's Mystery sampler quilt. So now I have to wait for issue 13 of Vignette to come.

Back to sock production, my year is getting shorter as I'm now doing Augusts pair.

Keep safe and keep stitching.......................Doti...

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Round up at the quilting Bee

Yesterday it was Quilting at the Bee and I thought you might like to see a little round up of what some of the girls were doing.

Ann was doing lots of different things, one of which was sandwiching her Quilt top. This one was designed by Lynne Edwards and was in Popular Patchwork some time back.

This quilt is also on my to do list, though I am not sure when I will get around to doing it.

Maggie was also making this quilt, though slightly smaller, and in a different colour way.
She is hand quilting hers.  

Jenny was putting borders on her place mats. I do like this fabric range, it is called Field fare,and I have some in the my current project.

This was another of Maggie's quilts. She had just finished the binding and it's to be a charity Quilt.


Allison was putting the finishing touches to her two owls for the Bee's Charity Quilt.

Ann was also sorting owls out. This is to be a Quilt for her great grandson due soon.

 All in all every one was quite busy, those not stitching were Knitting.

It seemed to be all critters and flowers.

Me,well nothing to show as yet. I have just started doing the stitchery on my mystery block 3.

Though I have finished my my two blocks for Helen (Magpie Cat) who is the Mama of the month in the Siblings together 2 group.

Helen has written a great Tutorial for this block over on her blog

The block comes out at 15 1/2 inches and is very quick and easy to make, it looks complicated but is very simple to do.

Hope you give it a try :0)

Off now to sort out tea.

Keep safe and keep stitching..........................Doti...