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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Honeybee Quilt.?

The HoneyBee Quilt ? You may well ask, how is it going?
Slowly is the answer.. :0)

Two little quilts have been finished since I last did any work on it. Yep Two! the square in a square Baby quilt and a UFO.

 In the sewing room I have an old wooden towel rail on which I hang various half finished things. There was so much on it it fell over and there at the bottom was this little quilt top, just asking to be finished .

So here it is finished. It's 40" X 40" and another UFO to tick off the list, though this one I can't remember anything about it as it was started so long ago..

All the blocks are made for the Honeybee quilt, it's just the slow process of appliquéing all the little leaves on.
So I gave myself a good talking to and made up a little pile of leaves using the freezer paper method to take to my sewing group this week.

And this is the answer to how is the quilt going. Well, I guess I am getting there but still a long way to go, but being the plodder I am I will get there....

The pattern for this quilt designed by Leanna Beasley is in her Magazine Vignette issue 11 & 12. It's a two -parter.

I have been neglecting my blog recently and this photo sums up how it has been in the UK, I know just how that pigeon feels. We had 60mls of rain last Saturday here in Suffolk.

We even lit the wood burner it was so miserable.

I am now off to do some weeding, weeds grow like Billy O when it rains but they do come out easy..

Keep safe and keep stitching.......................Doti...

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Owl Quilt.

This is our latest Queen Bee's group quilt.

We all made an owl or a tree, and the lovely Alison put it all together and added the squares and the border.
Then yours truly volunteered to quilt it, though I can't for the life of me remember volunteering :0).

Sorry Liz, I could not resist putting the binding on as that is my favourite part of making a quilt.

I think this one is either going to the local Hospice or the Women's refuge.

I have added the line drawings of the owl and the tree for anyone who would like to make this lovely  quilt. Or like us, make it a group project. Our quilt measures 44 1/2 X  44 1/2 inches.

Ann, another member of our group, has made the same quilt as a baby rug, omitting the trees and filling the centre with 2 1/2 inch squares. I am not sure what happened to the photo of it but it was lovely.

Other news at the Bee this week, Liz finished her baby floor rug for her new grandchild to be. Just in time Liz, baby is due on Thursday..

 I had to put this in as it made me laugh. The two most vertically challenged girls in our group, trying to hold up a rather large UFO that Alison had just finished.

Jenny and Alison with the large quilt

Alison's finished UFO.

And last, but not least, Maggie's lovely baby quilt. This pattern is called Fiona  but I can't remember who designed it.

Maggie's quilt waiting to be sandwiched.

Now back to my mending pile, buttons seem to be off everything....

Keep safe and keep stitching..............................Doti..

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Square in a Square Block

My Goodness! Where does time go.? We are 12 days into July and it is nearly 3 years since I started this blog. Yes, I used to post a lot more regularly but these days time does fly.

My excuse this week is that Wimbledon  has been on, and I have to watch it every day:0)
Though I have still been doing a little sewing.

It all started with a discussion at the Bee this week. We were talking about blocks for a charity quilt and decided on the Square in a Square. which we all thought would be an easy block to do..

So I wanted to try it out and one thing led to another, and as usual for me, I was off at a 
tangent again.

Soon I had 20 blocks done, enough for a small cot quilt.

Then to add some borders.

Adding a small spacer first.

Adding a wider pieced border. 
Another off-white border was added.
Then it was time to make a quilting sandwich with Wadding/Batting and backing fabric, ready to quilt.

All quilted, with binding added. Just waiting for the binding to be hand stitched down.

Now it's the final this afternoon and if I don't get too excited I hope to sew the binding down....

Come on Federer :0)

Keep safe and keep stitching...........................Doti...