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Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Bit of a Pain...

We all do it, try to make our blade in the rotary cutter last just a bit longer. This however is a little different. It was a new blade and the first day I used it I went over a pin and took a chunk out of it. I was so cross but I kept trying to use it (it was new for goodness sake),and yes you have guessed it I pressed so hard I have sprained my wrist. The pain down my thumb and up my arm is indescribable. 

Horrid to say the least, and now there is no sewing for me.. This is a selfie of sprained hand.

Really difficult to take a picture with left hand when you are right handed.

I was getting on so well with the Parsley quilt, two borders were on and and the third is to be decided.

Now I get withdrawal symptoms when I do not sew, I did however do a little knitting, but it's not the same and my hand ached after a little while.

So I have been sorting out my sketch book.These drawings are from 2011 and seem to combine my love of pots and stitchery. Though no stitchery for me at the moment, they would possibly be used on table mats. or a table runner, on linen maybe.

So this is one miserable unfulfilled sewer, saying "do change your blade when it gets blunt or damaged"

stay safe and keep stitching............. Doti...

Monday, 17 March 2014

Spring has sprung.

Another week has gone by since I wrote my blog. We have been so busy in the garden with all this lovely weather we are having. Spring has definitely sprung.

 This is looking out of my back door, in a couple of weeks it should be full of colour.

This little wall planter still sits under a plaque that tells you it is the Pottery,"that was another life" which I gave up in the year 2000. when my hobby took over from my work and I retired.

Mr M has made two new raised veggie beds, though only one will be for veg, and the other for more fruit bushes.We are cutting down on the rest, though I shall still grow tomatoes in the green house along with chilli peppers and cucumbers, hopefully.

 Now my hobby. You will be pleased to know the stitchery on the Parsley Quilt is finished  (all 49 blocks). Am I pleased? You may well ask, well you know me it's OK. Now to get on with the borders.

I did not do much in the way of drawings for the cow parsley sprigs. I drew them straight on to the fabric as I went along, some singles and some doubles. Not a good photo of the quilt top will try again later.

Now I was asked for a link to the Casco Bay Canisters. The pattern is by AuntiesTwo Patterns and the pattern number is AT218. Hopes this helps..

Now I am off to cut out the first border for the quilt top, and try to work out what I am going to do next..There are lots of things buzzing around in my head as usual, we shall see.

Keep safe and keep stitching.... Doti..

Monday, 10 March 2014

Time to play.

The  two BOM's that I am doing this year are done for this month, so now it is time to play.

 This is my hand turned appliqué block for March, designed by Deborah Kemball, and made with lovely Okeshott fabric.I must be getting better at this, and I actually like this one. At the end of twelve months I reckon I will have cracked it. We shall see...

The block for the Alphabet Quilt for this month, designed by Janet Stone for The Quilt Show. It's coming along OK and my stash of Reds and Pinks is going down a bit..

All my Charity blocks are finished too, so I do indeed get to play. 

I bought this pattern while on holiday in Key West last year, but only bought the cotton clothes line 
needed last week on a little trip to my favourite quilt shop in Bungay.

Not sure why but it's called Casco Bay Canisters. This is my first attempt, there are four different sizes. Not sure what I am going to do with it but it was fun to make though a bit fiddly.

Some more work is needed on the community quilt block, but I have till Thursday to get that sorted, so I did not feel guilty about having a little fun time.The Parsley quilt is progressing, only twenty something more blocks to do the Stitchery on.....I did intend to put up some of the parsley drawings, will do that next time..

Keep safe and keep stitching..............Doti

Monday, 3 March 2014

All behind as usual...

It has been one of those weeks, chasing my tail as usual and now another week has almost gone by.
At the Quilting Bee on Wednesday we celebrated the lovely Jenny's significant birthday.
Alison had made a beautiful cake, even the cotton reel and buttons were edible. Jenny treated us to fish & chips and we had a rather nice pavlova for dessert.

 As you might guess, not a lot of sewing was done, though a lot of eating and laughing was done.

This is a quick round up of what the "girls" were doing.

 Ann was working on her churn dash quilt, big stitch hand quilting around each block.

 Liz was embroidering one of the mystery blocks.

 Annie was blanket stitching her hearts for her daughters quilt.

 I was big stitch quilting one of my "Siblings together" charity blocks.

Some of the others were knitting, and this is a Tapestry that Fiona had bought many years ago, and thought it was high time she finished it. 

The March BOM's have arrived, and I have finished the machine pieced Alphabet one, as it was very easy this month. I've cut out all the appliqué pieces ready to start this months Sunflower Heart. 

Alfabet BOM
Last, but not least, a few more sprigs of "cow parsley" have been added to the Parsley Quilt, so it's been a busy week in all.

Lot's more to tell you about, but this post is long enough already.

Keep safe and keep stitching.......Doti...