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Monday, 18 February 2013

Strange Week End

Not a good weekend. I have one of those really nasty head colds, all notty nose etc. etc. The only thing to benefit this week end was my knitting, as I sat bundled up in a couple of my lovely quilts by the fire, with just my knitting and a very large box of tissues.

This Shetland pattern from the Colours of Shetland I am knitting is very strange. I have knitted up to the armholes on the back and fronts, which were knitted all in one, and now have to knit the two sleeves in the round. I have never knitted a sleeve in the round, it's really odd doing the increasing.
Oh well! we shall see.. Plod on.

Why do they never go down!

The sewing room looks a real tip this morning. The two scrap boxes are still out, defying me to put them away until I have made the other two Bit Bags needed. Maybe I should rummage through them,find the fabric needed and at least I could then put them away. I just can't work in a messy sewing room..

Jenny and I were trying to to design a wall hanging, as a block of the month, for our quilting group at the Bee. We came to the decision on Friday that it is just not going to work as we both draw so differently. The idea now is to use the same format, but to do two different wall hangings, so watch this space.

Now to tidy the sewing room.

Keep safe and keep stitching.....Doti..

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