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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Knitting 0 - Sewing 2.

Where have I been, you may well ask, all sorts of things have been happening. First it was the FA Cup final and Mr M's team were playing in it and off he went to Wembley to meet our sons, and they had a rare old time.
I usually knit and watch football at the same time, This is the sum total of the knitting I did while watching the cup final, as you can see what I did knit had to be pulled out. 
Oh! it was an exciting game, first we were losing 2-0 but in the and we won 3-2 after extra time.

This week I did work on my appliqué BOM as I was well behind with last month and this was not an easy one to do. As you know I am a great plodder-on and I am now thankful it is finished for this month.

Today I have been working with Susie the co-ordinater of our community quilt, and it is all finished except for the borders which will be finished this afternoon. Then it's off to the long arm quilter.

My, this has been a mammoth task, 24 quilters and embroiderers have been working on this, and it has now somehow all come together. In time for the Southwold Arts Festival.

Other than all that, the weather has been wonderful so all my spare time has been spent in the garden, that stupid bird did build her nest in our Rose arbour where we have our morning coffee, so we are relegated to the couple of chairs outside the back door.

Mr M having coffee.
Now I hope to sort out some hand sewing for the Bee tomorrow.

Keep safe and keep stitching...............Doti...

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