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Sunday, 29 June 2014

It's very Pink.

 Oh dear, it is indeed very PINK and as my friends will tell you, I am not very fond of pink. How did this creep up on me?
I have been playing with disappearing nine patches, and made quite a few with the fabric left from the Parsley and Time quilt. I selected five and put them on point with pink set - in triangles. Then added a floater and arranged more disappearing nine patches around the centre square. A second floater and then two borders. It was not until I looked at it laying on the spare bed that I thought " Oh my goodness, it is very Pink!"
I did intend it for a certain person and on second thoughts, she is not very fond of pink either. 


Now I must finish it or it will be relegated to the UFO pile.
So off I went to Bungay to my favourite quilt shop Sew and So's of Bungay and purchased the backing fabric and I am afraid I must tell you, I fell off the wagon so far as " my fabric fast" and bought some fat 1/4's of Mrs March's new collection. (I did last 6 months though ). They are just scrummy, and I see a little pink one snuck in on the end, ah well...

As well as sewing, I have been putting the mystery afghan blanket together and knitting up the rope around the edge, (which seems never ending). This one stayed all off-white, creams and browns. So I intend to make one with the lovely greys  that I did not use.

I have just finished reading a lovely book called The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow, and would recommend it to any quilter, it was spellbinding till the end.

Now to finish that pesky knitted rope.

Keep safe and keep stitching..................Doti...

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  1. It doesn't look very Pink on the picture.... Maybe with your new found Appliqué skills you could pop a wandering vine around those empty areas? It's very nice in any case......


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