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Friday, 21 November 2014

It's finally together.

Yes, I have finally put the top together.

This quilt/ wall hanging was started October 2013 and is called Floral Impressions and is designed by
  Deborah Kemball. The fabrics are from Oakshotts.

It was originally started to improve my hand turned appliqué, and I think it has definitely done that. Now to sandwich it and echo hand quilt it all over. That could take another twelve months  :0), though with winter fast approaching it might be something to sit inside in the warmth and do. Watch this space...

On the knitting front, I went off at a tangent again, which I am very prone to do. This time with a sea urchin beret, 

I am such a sucker for knit-a-longs and sew-a-longs. My friend Anj from Meadow yarns  teamed up with Tend magazine and a group was started to knit this lovely beret. It was truly the hardest bit of knitting I have ever done. I have never frogged so much on anything else I have made, but I love the end result and it should go beautifully with my mammoth scarf/ wrap that I am in the process of making, (not sure I will knit all 70" of it though.)

Just a little more embroidery on the quilt to do. I can't decide whether to do the prairie points on the edges as yet.

Keep safe and keep stitching..............Doti...

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