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Sunday, 7 December 2014

A day with Lynn Edwards

My friend Maggie and I spent a wonderful day with Lynn Edwards at my favourite quilt shop 
Sew and So's of Bungay.

Wallhanging by Lynn Edwards.
This is what we were aspiring to achieve or just even one of her beautiful cushions.

This however is all that I achieved , not even one block finished and it took me all day. :0)) But the inspiration I received was enormous. I have lovely ideas running all around in my head and I do hope they stay there till the New Year, when I intend to put these ideas to good use.

This was one of Lynn's work in progress and it is just lovely.

Cushion by Lyn Edwards.

I might just finish the block I made on the day and turn it into a cushion. One can never have too many cushions can they?
Though it was scrap fabric I am quite pleased with it.

Mr M and I are going to put our Christmas tree up today. I do however loose my ironing space in the sewing room, but it is only for a short time and I am hoping it will make me feel a little more festive..

Keep safe and keep stitching ....................Doti.....


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