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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Time Flies.

Where, oh where have the first 10 days of the New Year gone? 

The first meeting of the Bees was on Wednesday, so here is a little round up of what was going on.

Maggie had brought in her pieced top and wanted some help on how to quilt it. We all decided that some straight line quilting following the zig zags would be the way to go.

Maggie's quilt top.

  Fiona was doing her tapestry, I am not sure if it's going to be a cushion or a fire screen. It is really lovely.

Fiona's tapestry.

 The lovely Sue was hand quilting her fairy quilt, her grand daughter is going to love this one.

Sues quilt.

And Jenny was frogging her granddaughters cardigan again. Now we all thought it was great how she winds up her wool, they look like little pods, so some time was spent teaching us all how to do it.

Jenny's wool pods.

Me, well you can guess exactly what I was doing.Yep, I am still hand quilting my appliqué quilt.Well, the middle section has just one block left to do. Then it is on with the border, so I am getting there.

I also have done the Block for ST2. I am pleased Sue who was the Mama of the month had chosen an easy block to start us off.

Now this is a warning,  if you have a bottle like this in your wine rack look after it.
Just before the New Year all of our children descended en masse, and during the meal it was noticed our bottle was leaking. It was duly opened and decanted, and it was delicious!!!!!
The following day we checked on Google and found out it was valued last year at 400 pounds sterling, worth every penny :0))

Keep Safe and keep stitching.................................Doti,,,


  1. Well what a good job you enjoyed the wine..... Personally it would have been wasted on me.... Nice work on that Appliqué quilt..... x

  2. What excellent progress on your Floral Impressions quilt. I put mine aside so I could finish another project - which is very close to complete. Floral Impressions is the next hand project on my list. It's motivating to see your progress!

    1. I dare not put mine aside Rebecca, as I know I would never finish it 😃.


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