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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Time to start on a UFO.

Yep, it is high time I started on a UFO. Even my daughter has done two already this year. 
So I got out the first crate and, low and behold, it was the heirloom quilt I started making two years before our 50th wedding Anniversary,  and as this year we have been married 53 years its about 5 years old. Ha!

I have a sneaky feeling there are some even older UFO's in some of the other crate's but this one will do for now.

Not sure if that white block belongs.
You can guess who this block represents.
Mr M's Block.

 All the blocks laid out on the guest room bed so now where to start. Not all the blocks are quilted so I guess I should start there.
This is a quilt as you go project, the middle diamond is stitched together so it now needs squaring up.
So it is a case of watch this space :0)

I have not been entirely idle. I did make some new cushions for the sofa in the sewing room on the weekend.

Now to start on the first Un Finished Object, for those of you who are wondering just what a UFO was.   

Keep safe and keep stitching.......... Doti...

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