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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Time Flies.

It does indeed fly as it's 14 days since I wrote a post and yes, a lot has been going on but I don't seem to have time to write about it. Let alone photograph it.

I took a class with the lovely Lynne Edwards. I book in on her class every year at Sew & So's if I can. All I knew was we were doing something called a Curvy Hen. 

Well this was it, a very cute wall hanging.

 I did manage to make two Curvy Hens at the class out of some scrap fabric that I had taken with me, which would possibly make a cushion. The intention is to choose some more neutral fabric from my stash to make the wall hanging, so watch this space.
Lynne did say she hopes to make the pattern available for sale.

My 2 Curvy Hens done in class.

A long time ago, I made a lot of my own clothes and the children's when they were younger.

So I thought it was high time I started again. 
This pattern was bought from Merchant & Mills Drapers on line and this is my first attempt at a work top (Top 64) though I just  might dress it up a bit with a pretty scarf or beads and wear it out.

My second attempt at top 64 is on the cutting table, fancier fabric this time, not enough done yet to take a photo.

In the evenings I have been sitting and knitting or a little embroidery but also nothing yet finished.

Looking out of one of the bedroom windows this morning, the Wisteria is out in all its glory along with the honeysuckle, what a lovely picture... 


So it's back to the garden as the sun is out to plant up some of my cosmos seedlings and keep my fingers crossed the slugs and snails don't get this lot.

Keep safe and keep stitching...................Doti.....

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