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Monday, 14 September 2015

"Happy Dance.".

Yep, indeed I did a happy dance.
Two finishes and a little play time. 

This was my first finish, I was so pleased to have finished it I took this photo before I sewed in the tail ends,Ha! Ha! 
This was a mammoth knit. I do not think I have ever knitted anything so long or big in my life, and yet it is as light as a feather. The yarn was called Loft, and the whole thing only weighs 1 pound..

The label said 100% American Wool. Grown in Wyoming, Spun in New England.
The last person I saw with a muffler this long was Dr Who..

My next finish was the binding on the Liberty quilt, you know I love doing that.

 I sent a photo of the finished quilt top
to the lovely Amanda who runs the Liberty Club and she sent me a lovely present in the post (a
Scrap Bag), some are really big pieces 1/4 mtr size.
Another happy dance ...

Scrap Bag fabris from Amanda

This was my final fun bit of the weekend, playing with wool felt and embroidery thread, picking up the Tugboat Willy idea.

Not where I want to be at the moment, but it's getting there.
Previously I was working in cotton fabric for the tug boats but as I have such a lot of felt, it's time I used up some of it. So watch this space...

Keep safe and keep stitching .....................Doti...


  1. Love the Loft scarf - isn't the wool just amazingly light? Beautiful - enjoy it!


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