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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Privy for my Birthday...

Its my Birthday this week and here is my early Birthday present. It looks a lot like an old fashioned Privy, which is why I like it so much. Now, I can keep all my gardening things together. 
It came flat packed and Mr M put it together and believe it or not he was one screw short
(he is always one screw short).

 He has some repair work to do on my cold frames, then this little corner of the garden will be sorted.

The view out of the back door is changing as the narcissi are beginning to open.

Mr M does not like gardening but he is quite happy to do all the woodworking, and landscaping as and when we need it.

Every time the sun shines I am in the garden, so there has not been a lot of sewing done, though I did do some quilting on my Battle of Sole Bay Block.
Some rather large big stitch quilting in the sky and machine quilting on the sea.

The Sun is shining so you know where I am off too :0))

Keep safe and keep stitching.....................Doti...


  1. The privy is so sweet. Am very impressed with your Battle of Sole bay block. More like art than a block!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Jenny...

  2. I love your birthday 'privy' Doti and you garden is looking very pretty! Nice work on your block too! Happy Birthday.... have a lovely week! Christine x


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