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Sunday, 2 December 2012


Well everyone, I have had to stop sewing and get on with my annual sock knitting or my children will not get their christmas pressies now only one more pair to go. I do like knitting socks. That and shawls and scarfs are about the only things I knit now. Gone are the days of always having a jumper on the go.

love these colourful socks 
 I buy this lovely sock wool from Anj of Meadow Yarns. She is part of my knitting group and we meet up at Mains restaurant in Yoxford weekly, though I mainly go in the summer as
 I do not like driving at night.

When we were at Wednesday Club at Quilters Haven this week a lady came in to ask how to put a sleeve on her  first quilt. She wanted to hang it on a wall. Below are two pictures of her quilt. It took her seven years to make and just took your breath away. It was all made by hand, even the quilting. She did however, buy herself a Bernina sewing machine before she left. Now that is one lady that deserves a Bernina sewing machine!

This is just part of it.

close up of one block

It made me think of my first quilt. It was a bed quilt and I too made it all by hand by English paper piecing. Though it is no longer in use I still have it and look on it fondly sometimes, all the little 
hexagons were recycled fabrics and its fun to remember where or who's dress or shirt they came from.

I have the urge to sort out all my fabrics, UFO etc and as you know this does not happen very often so I had better get busy before the urge leaves me.

Keep safe and keep stitching.......Doti... 



  1. Debs would be proud of you, she loves her sock knitting and of course scarves for me!!!

  2. That is an awesome quilt.... Saw it at the block stage... Sad to have missed the finished article...

  3. That is an awesome quilt... Saw it at the block stage... Was sad to have missed the final reveal..


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