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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Lull

I call this the Christmas Lull as it's the bit between Christmas and the New Year, the time to sort out your sewing projects, tidy up the sewing room, work out what you are going to make for who's birthday etc. As you know I tidied up my sewing room before Christmas, so I guess I am feeling a little smug. I now know where every thing is and I have found all those missing things I was looking for.

Firstly, I must show you a wonderful photo of a Nativity scene my friend sent me that she had made, it is all edible. It is just lovely, she is so clever, her sewing is wonderful too.

Alison's Nativity 

Me, I have been doing my Tax returns and I am happy to say they are finished and it only took me two days this time.

My next job is also a job I hate doing. I have designed a little wall hanging that the magazine Fabrications Quilting for you want to buy, which I am well pleased about of course. It is lovely seeing 
your work in print. However,  now I have to write the instructions, yuck!

 I gaily make things up as I go along, until I think it looks good,.This is a corner of the said wall hanging. I can not show all of it to you as the whole design will become Fabrications. If I ever get around to writing the instructions.!

In between times I have been making up my little log cabin blocks, 40 have been made so far. They are laid out on the spare room bed and every time I pass them, I rearrange them. Bit like a design wall really and I think they are looking good. Only another 41 to go.

 I have made up my 12inch star block with some scraps from our friendship quilt, I found a good tutorial for an eight pointed Twirling star by Edyta Sitar on The Quilt Show projects page, and as I have never made a good 8 pointed star, thought I would give it a go. Not perfect but very nearly, might have to try another one. I have marked up the quiltings lines and now have to quilt it.

I have only one quilting resolution for 2013 and that is to finish up some of my UFO or WIP's as some people call them. They are all in separate boxes waiting for me. Oh joy!!!!

Happy New Year to all the people who read this blog

Keep Safe and Keep Stitching........... Doti.

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  1. Ooh that Nativity looks wonderful... Clever Alison.
    I had bought a beautiful Gingerbread House & forgot to get it out..... Grrr.... Took it to the Children's Hospice in the end so all was not lost..
    I am loving your log cabin.... Gorgeous colours.
    P.s. are you available for hire , to clear up sewing rooms?


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