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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Merely Multi-Tasking..

I have been told by one of my best buddies that I do not go off at a tangent but I am merely multi- tasking. Oh! I do feel so much better now. I always feel a little guilty when I start a new project and I have not finished the last one, sometimes leaving them never to return. Not so the Six Shirt Quilt  before you ask, it is in the tumble dryer as I type this..

I am so loving this new project I am working on, but I fear it may end up as another wall hanging.

Although I did get one suggestion via Facebook to make a bag, but I think she was pulling my leg as she knows how many bags I have made. Can a girl have too many bags I ask?

It was Wednesday club again yesterday, so I was working on my little mushroom project. Ann and Maggie were working on their BOM's and it was great for me to see what they are doing with my designs, I am kind of liking theirs more than mine now, but it's too late to change my colour scheme.

Maggie and Ann's BOM's

I love their bright colours, Ann is working in Batiks, and Maggie lovely autumn colours.

 I do wonder if some of you who are reading my blog are sewing along with us, I would love to see what you are doing..

Now this is my disaster for the week, just 20 more rows of this little edging to do and I have run out of wool. I was making this little shawl to replace the one I had already made as a present, and decided I liked it so much that I wore it. 

This evening I am at "Stitch and Sip" and my friend Anj from Meadow Yarns has said she may be able to help, keep your fingers crossed for me..

Keep safe and keep stitching.....Doti..

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