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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Off at a Tangent again...

It's true,  I have gone off at a tangent again, but I am having fun so what the heck. The first six things on my to do list are all done, so I am having a break.

Playing with colouring my stitchery.

I started with some little mushroom and flower drawings, transferred them to some fabric, but they looked a little bland. My friend Ann suggested I coloured them, as I had done on a Meg Hawkey Quilt of  Crab Apple Hill Studio that I had made (all stitchery done but not finished). It is on the to do list but a long way down, Ha!
I am liking them a lot better now, but not sure where I am going with this. Any suggestions please?

This weekend is a lot quieter then the last. My youngest grandchildren came to stay, and Molly was given her scrappy heart quilt as it was her birthday. They were here for the National Dry ski Championships, They both did very well but Molly looked so weeny coming down that great big slope.

Wish I had though to tidy the cushions on the sofa before taking this photo.

 The first Block, "Wonky Stars," for the Siblings Together Bee 2 has been duly posted to the Mama for June, and the Mama for July (who's just had a baby) requested the "Confetti " block and put it up early. So I have just finished making that, and am well ahead at the moment and quite pleased with my self. This quilting Bee is a great learning curve for me as the Blocks are HUGE 20" square.

I had always fancied making a full size quilt from Confetti blocks, but I have learnt something while making this big block. Perhaps I won't, very fiddly..

Keep safe and keep stitching...Doti

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