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Monday, 5 August 2013

Little Bunny Quilt.

As promised, this morning we put all the names in a tea cup (as there were not many) and the winner is No 2 Hilly Filly. I have sent Hilly Filly an email, I do hope it looks good on the Nursery wall, Teresa!

Thank you to every one who commented, I am sorry you could not have all won, but there was only one little quilt.

This week has been a very odd week for sewing, and for that matter knitting wise. We have had our lovely daughter staying and as the weather has been so nice we have been out and about most days.

 I had bought another lovely book of Yoko Saito's a couple of weeks back. The lovely quilt shop in Bungay Sew and So's had got it in English. Amazon had only got it written in French....

 I had picked this little pouch to make, to practice my needle turned appliqué. I have got very proficient with raw edged appliqué on my sewing machine, but I do like hand turned appliqué  and alas, I am not very good at it (dreadful really).

 This is my finished pouch and it is slightly better than some I have done before, but it's far from perfect. So now I need to do some more, practise makes perfect they say. I would hate to tell you how much I have practised over the years and how many different techniques I have tried and I am still not happy. But as you know, I am a plodder so watch this space....

This was something else I started before my avalanche of visitors. Its from Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg & Cheryl Arkison. The quilt is called Nap like an Egyptian. Though I am changing it slightly and doing mine all with a light background. Amanda writes a great blog called crazy mom quilts.

I have been hoarding this lovely aqua fabric for a long time, looking for just the right quilt to make with it. As I would also like to make mine larger than Amanda's, I have lots of these triangular blocks to make, so this is work in progress. I need a break from my UFO's..

Keep safe and keep stitching...Doti...

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