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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Elfin Patch's 1st Birthday.

I have indeed been writing this blog now for a whole year. It was to be a little journal of my quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting, and gardening snippets that I used to write in my daily journal. More fun, as I could include all the myriad photos that I take too, and my family and friends could see what I had been up to. 
One year on and 8.000 + views from people all over the world. It has been some journey, and as a small thank you, I have made a little quilt to give away.

It is very tiny, roughly 10" X 10", and all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog to say why you would like to win it. A winner will be randomly picked on the 5th of August and I will post world wide. The winners name will be on the first blog after that.

To make this quilt your self here is a tutorial.

Cut yourself a 11" X 11" piece of background fabric and transfer the drawing of the rabbit and his quilt using a light box or tape it to a window. I use a fine Pigma pen but a sharp pencil is fine.

Having transferred your rabbit and his quilt to your fabric, embroider in your own colours. For his quilt I used a variegated thread and the bunny is a silver grey. I also did a row of running stitches about 1 inch and a bit all around him so he was sort of framed.

Next mark your quilting lines, mine are a half inch apart.

Sandwich your little quilt with wadding/batting, and quilt. Mine was hand quilted but you could do it on a machine.

After quilting square up, mine shrank a little with the quilting.

Back of quilt showing little hanging corners.

Close up of hanging corners.
 Hanging corners on this quilt were a 2 1/2" square folded in half and stitched on before you do your binding, piece of doweling cut to size and hung up.

Now this little quilt could be yours, just comment on this blog and tell me why you would like to own it.
Here's to the next 12 months...

Keep safe and keep stitching.....Doti..


  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

    I've got just the spot to give your rabbit a lovely home!

    1. Hi Anonymous, please email me you addy so I can put you in the draw.

  2. What a sweet little Bunny....... we have a little girl (Granddaughter..) due in September and would love to give it a home on the nursery wall....
    Well done on a years worth of posting..... Happy Blogiversary......

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

    I have just this year found your blog and have enjoyed reading and seeing pictures about your life across the pond. Even though I would love to own something you have made I also think it would look great on the nursery wall in the post above.

    Bev from TN

  4. Hi Bev, That is so sweet and kind, I will however put you in the draw. Doti..

  5. This has turned out so well and looks beautiful. I know one of my grand daughters would love to have this little quilt. Liz

  6. Your little quilt is very pretty! I would love to have it because I am not very skilled with embroidery and I'd like to have something this pretty. Thanks for the tutorial on how to make one.


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