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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Back to Normal..

It's Epiphany, or as some say Twelfth Night and all the Christmas decorations are due to come down. I love it when we put them up but it is oh! so good when they come down.

For me, I have all that space back in my sewing room..though I have been busy busy since I got my mojo back. I finished the red/beige quilt top (all from my stash}, but was appalled at all the red/ beige fabric I still had left, including half a jelly roll. I do not think of red, though be it sludge red, as being much in my colour spectrum, I thought I was more a taupe, blue, green person. Just goes to show you.

red /beige fabric left

Here is the finished Elfin Way top. Wadding/ batting I have but I just might have to piece a backing together to finish it off.

Now do I put all that fabric back again in the drawers, or make another quilt. Well, the answer is make another quilt. I was very pleased with the colour combo, but fancied something different.

I am a member of  The Quilt Show and every year they do a BOM and it is free to members. I have done several and this year it is an Alphabet Quilt. Now it so happens I have always wanted to do an alphabet quilt and this one appealed to me as it's quite quirky. Now what was it going to look like in my stash fabrics. the Red/ Beige.

The original colour combo.

 Januarys block is A, F & G and I have had a little go at A & F and I do think it is going to work.

Sorry about the F block photo. It was taken in the evening and I have the stitching still to do around the lettering.

 Having  a lot of hand sewing on the go at the moment, I reckon this might be done on the machine.

Progress has been made on my Floral Impressions Appliqué BOM

All the stems and leaves are done. Now for the asters (60 petals in all,) and they are weeny. Thats my job for this evening, to start them.

As you know I am on a fabric fast, using fabric from my stash and I am starting quilt No 3. 
Well, I am on a yarn fast too and have started the first pair of socks for 2014 from my yarn stash. This pair is from 3 scrap balls, my sock buddy looks most amused.

The Quilt Show is worth looking at as there are quilting videos twice a month by well known quilt artists, and the hosts Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms are great fun..

Off to sort out those pesky petals…

Keep safe and keep stitching……. Doti...

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  1. Humph...!! my comments went astray again....
    Thanks for reminding me about the TQS BOM... I love alphabet quilts and this one is going on my list... I may even be using similar fabrics as you - my French General stash is far too big.... Happy New (sewing) Year..... x


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