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Friday, 31 January 2014

It's going to be busy in February..

I thought I would get a post in before the 1st of February, when the two BOM's I am doing will land on my sewing table and the OMG's begin again, or more politely what have I let myself in for..
Well the lovely Deborah Kemball has done it to me already and it's a case of OBH.

This is February's 12" block.

You must agree it was a case of just a little swear word, sorry Deborah, but this is the hardest one yet..
If I make it through this one I shall have conquered my fear of hand appliqué .

The fabric for this BOM is from Oakshott fabric, We are using the Impressions range.

I have been very busy as it's all those Birthdays again in February. Six of the "girls" in our Bee group are all born in February, so I have been making little see-through zip pouches. You will be pleased to hear its all from my stash. I did wonder when that roll of vinyl would come in handy.

I finished hand quilting the top half of the Mystery quilt and added the binding and hanging lugs.

My friend Jenny is to blame for the next project, she roped me in.  It's a community project with
 St Felix School, and local ladies that do craft work.
It will become one huge quilt, all about Southwold and surrounding area.

This is a house on Southwold High Street (see small picture ) and my attempt to recreate it in fabric. All from my stash and would you believe it from my ugly drawer, you know the fabrics you think why ever did I buy that. I did say in a post the other day things always come in handy one day...

The next Block is the Fish and Chip Shop, watch this space..

Now to sort the fabrics for that pesky BOM. Put my feet up and finish the pair of socks I am making for ME... 
February starts tomorrow.Ha!

Keep safe and keep stitching.....Doti...


  1. Really like those PVC pouches - might have to try making one of those myself!!

  2. Nicola.. I forgot to put a link to a tutorial for those little bags. Vera at Negligent Style over in my blog list has a Tutorial....

  3. I'm loving your Appliqué.... and the Southwold hanging sounds a great idea... another thing to drag you out of your comfort zone....!!
    (and did you find a secret stash of yellow zips?)

  4. The yellow zips were £2 for ten on eBay Ha! how could one resist..


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