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Monday, 10 March 2014

Time to play.

The  two BOM's that I am doing this year are done for this month, so now it is time to play.

 This is my hand turned appliqué block for March, designed by Deborah Kemball, and made with lovely Okeshott fabric.I must be getting better at this, and I actually like this one. At the end of twelve months I reckon I will have cracked it. We shall see...

The block for the Alphabet Quilt for this month, designed by Janet Stone for The Quilt Show. It's coming along OK and my stash of Reds and Pinks is going down a bit..

All my Charity blocks are finished too, so I do indeed get to play. 

I bought this pattern while on holiday in Key West last year, but only bought the cotton clothes line 
needed last week on a little trip to my favourite quilt shop in Bungay.

Not sure why but it's called Casco Bay Canisters. This is my first attempt, there are four different sizes. Not sure what I am going to do with it but it was fun to make though a bit fiddly.

Some more work is needed on the community quilt block, but I have till Thursday to get that sorted, so I did not feel guilty about having a little fun time.The Parsley quilt is progressing, only twenty something more blocks to do the Stitchery on.....I did intend to put up some of the parsley drawings, will do that next time..

Keep safe and keep stitching..............Doti


  1. Your blocks are fabulous, especially the flower one. Would you give a link to the instructions of how to make the canisters? I could use some of those! Thanks.

  2. Can't wait to see the cannister on Wednesday, the march BOM appliqué is stunning. Love Ann xx

  3. Deborah, the pattern is from Aunties Two.com and the pattern number is AT218
    Hope this helps..Doti...


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