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Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Bit of a Pain...

We all do it, try to make our blade in the rotary cutter last just a bit longer. This however is a little different. It was a new blade and the first day I used it I went over a pin and took a chunk out of it. I was so cross but I kept trying to use it (it was new for goodness sake),and yes you have guessed it I pressed so hard I have sprained my wrist. The pain down my thumb and up my arm is indescribable. 

Horrid to say the least, and now there is no sewing for me.. This is a selfie of sprained hand.

Really difficult to take a picture with left hand when you are right handed.

I was getting on so well with the Parsley quilt, two borders were on and and the third is to be decided.

Now I get withdrawal symptoms when I do not sew, I did however do a little knitting, but it's not the same and my hand ached after a little while.

So I have been sorting out my sketch book.These drawings are from 2011 and seem to combine my love of pots and stitchery. Though no stitchery for me at the moment, they would possibly be used on table mats. or a table runner, on linen maybe.

So this is one miserable unfulfilled sewer, saying "do change your blade when it gets blunt or damaged"

stay safe and keep stitching............. Doti...


  1. I really feel for you, I have the opposite problem in that I've strained my neck and shoulder through too much knitting, I can hardly believe that knitting could cause such pain and agony.Luckily, after a few days rest I can hand sew very slowly and for short bursts of time, but knitting is definitely off the agenda, I'm gutted.

    Your quilt is looking beautiful, I'm sure you'll be back to it in time.........we both have to have patience I guess.

  2. Oh dear - thank goodness you didn't cut yourself too.... Loving your Parsley quilt - hope your wrist is better soon :)

  3. Hi Doti, is it now time for a Drs visit, maybe to get a cortisone injection to relieve the pain? You will go stir crazy if you can't sew soon!


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