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Monday, 14 July 2014

Play time again.

It is nice when all the BOM's are done for the month. Ideally, I should be doing one of the many UFO's that reside in the sewing room, but that is no fun is it?

I bought an abstract panel at my favourite Quilt shop (Sew and So's) a couple of weeks ago and have been playing around with ideas as to just what to do with it.

Today I have cut some of it up so..... watch this space.

The very pink thing was residing on the spare bed and every time I passed it I thought.... ugh. So off it went to Daisy May's the long arm quilter. I am hoping she can make me like it more.
 I have only ever had one  quilt quilted by a someone else, and it took me six months to unpick that one Ha! 
The pink thing is different I would just like it finished, and I am sure Daisy May will make a good job of it.

This is how the Alphabet Quilt BOM looks at the moment,

 and this is this months. The red pile of scraps is going down slowly but I think I will have enough to finish it.

 Thought you were due for a look out of the back door, but it is looking good the other way around. Mr M has mended my seat as this is the coffee area at the moment. The pesky bird is still nesting in the rose arbour, and dropping unmentionables from above.

Most of these flowers arrived via the birds. Isn't nature wonderful...

Back to playing.

Keep safe and keep stitching ............. Doti..


  1. All looking lovely Doti.... I am very envious of your ability to keep up with BOM's....!

  2. The back door is just as I remember Doti ....still got its little window ! ×

  3. Sure has Gill... It was a present from Trev.


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