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Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Day with Lynn Edwards

My friend Maggie and I spent a lovely day, doing a class with Lynn Edwards. It was held at my favourite quilting shop Sew and So's of Bungay.
It really was a lovely day and we were learning the Nova Scotia Star Block to make into a cushion.

 This is where I am at with it, at the moment it measures 21 inches square, which sure would make a gurt (Devon word for huge) big cushion. Not sure I require a cushion that size so it is residing on my design wall at the moment till inspiration hits me, or not?

Yesterday was a day at the Bee and the Queen Bees were quite busy.
 Ann was adding to her 
Sew a Row quilt she is making in all shades of purple, lavender and greens. It is gorgeous.

Anns Sew a Row  Quilt.

It is so lovely that we have decided we will all sew a couple of rows and make it our group charity quilt for this year/next year. Though we have decided on a single bed size. Watch this space.

Jenny was making a cushion for her garden room. The pattern design was by Lynnette Anderson and also bought from Sew and So's along with a lovely wooden wheelbarrow button to sew on the front.

Well you can see what I was doing, more of the Appliqué on my BOM. coming down the side panels and as I have four to do this could take some time.

It is a lovely day today so Mr M and I are going to do some tidying up in the garden.

Keep safe and keep stitching..........Doti...


  1. These are beautiful! I love the star block, it's so elegant. I've got the same Lynette Anderson pattern but I haven't started with it yet. Yours is very brightful. :)

    1. Thank you Christiane for your kind comments..

  2. Your 'gurt' big cushion would make a lovely centre to a Medallion quilt... make it up as you go along.... Love that Sew a Row, the colours are gorgeous. Congratulations on getting to the borders on your BOM... I'm on the last push to finish my Bunny Hill BOM from about 4 years ago.. x

    1. I have thought about that Teresa , it will definitely be a case of make it up as as I go along..


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