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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Still Pink.

The quilt is back from the long arm quilter, the lovely Val from DaisyMay quilting has done a great job. Pity my photo was not a little better. My excuse is it was raining so it had to be taken indoors.

The new year has begun for the Siblings Together 2 group. The Queen Bee, Teresa has asked for two 12 1/2 inch Snail Trail blocks for this month. I have never made this block before, I am not sure I like the name as me and slugs and snails do not get on. I usually give them flying lessons over the fence on to the A12. It was however, a very simple block to make and Teresa had found a great tutorial to follow. 

2 Snail Trail Blocks for ST2.

Mine are now done for September and it was a welcome break from all the appliqué I am doing for the Floral Impressions Quilt. No photos at the moment but I am still plodding along.

We have been trying to get the front garden back in shape, as it has got a little over grown. So this week has been spent laying in a new brick path. These poor hands are not looking like quilters hands at the moment.

Thought I would try and get a better photo of the quilt, so have just been outside to try. It's slightly better and yep it is still very Pink.

Time to get back to the appliqué.

Keep safe and keep stitching.........Doti...

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