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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Not a UFO...

My friend Allison put me to shame at the Bee last week as she was quilting yet another UFO, and yep that was what I was going to do this year too.!

Well, I looked through my many UFO's and you know the feeling, no inspiration whatsoever. I did however, find an old quilt I made for Mr M a long time a go, which he had stuck in the washing machine and (Boiled) yes, he thought he was being helpful. :0) The silk wadding had shrunk like 
BillyO and it was a real mess.
So it was taken to pieces, (thank goodness there was not too much quilting), washed again, pressed, new wadding and backing, re quilted and just the binding to sew on.

Am I pleased? I sure am and also Mr M was.

Not sure this was a UFO as it had been finished once. So now it is a WIP
Work In Progress.

Things are progressing on the textile front, I made a little note book cover on the water theme.

Also played about with last weeks lesson, which was mono printing on cotton fabric.

Machine embroidered and quilted.

Don't ask what is below, I am not sure myself or what the dickens I am going to do with it. 
Just playing with fabric...

This is for my Doggie friends and family, Gladdie our Deerhound trying to tell me she has not been eating the flowers again..
 On that note,

Keep safe and keep stitching.....................Doti...

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  1. Love that machine embroidery..... I think you have the patience of a saint to undo a quilt and redo it.... Top marks to you.... x


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