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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Square in a Square Block

My Goodness! Where does time go.? We are 12 days into July and it is nearly 3 years since I started this blog. Yes, I used to post a lot more regularly but these days time does fly.

My excuse this week is that Wimbledon  has been on, and I have to watch it every day:0)
Though I have still been doing a little sewing.

It all started with a discussion at the Bee this week. We were talking about blocks for a charity quilt and decided on the Square in a Square. which we all thought would be an easy block to do..

So I wanted to try it out and one thing led to another, and as usual for me, I was off at a 
tangent again.

Soon I had 20 blocks done, enough for a small cot quilt.

Then to add some borders.

Adding a small spacer first.

Adding a wider pieced border. 
Another off-white border was added.
Then it was time to make a quilting sandwich with Wadding/Batting and backing fabric, ready to quilt.

All quilted, with binding added. Just waiting for the binding to be hand stitched down.

Now it's the final this afternoon and if I don't get too excited I hope to sew the binding down....

Come on Federer :0)

Keep safe and keep stitching...........................Doti...


  1. Hello Doti! What a lovely quilt you made.... I hope you got the binding sewn down... real shame about Federer.... I wanted him to win too! :) x

    1. Thank you Christine, I did indeed get the binding sewn down..poor old Federer really disappointing .

  2. Very pretty colours. Looks lovely.

    1. Hello and thank you Pam.Good luck with your new Blog..


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