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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Honeybee Quilt.?

The HoneyBee Quilt ? You may well ask, how is it going?
Slowly is the answer.. :0)

Two little quilts have been finished since I last did any work on it. Yep Two! the square in a square Baby quilt and a UFO.

 In the sewing room I have an old wooden towel rail on which I hang various half finished things. There was so much on it it fell over and there at the bottom was this little quilt top, just asking to be finished .

So here it is finished. It's 40" X 40" and another UFO to tick off the list, though this one I can't remember anything about it as it was started so long ago..

All the blocks are made for the Honeybee quilt, it's just the slow process of appliquéing all the little leaves on.
So I gave myself a good talking to and made up a little pile of leaves using the freezer paper method to take to my sewing group this week.

And this is the answer to how is the quilt going. Well, I guess I am getting there but still a long way to go, but being the plodder I am I will get there....

The pattern for this quilt designed by Leanna Beasley is in her Magazine Vignette issue 11 & 12. It's a two -parter.

I have been neglecting my blog recently and this photo sums up how it has been in the UK, I know just how that pigeon feels. We had 60mls of rain last Saturday here in Suffolk.

We even lit the wood burner it was so miserable.

I am now off to do some weeding, weeds grow like Billy O when it rains but they do come out easy..

Keep safe and keep stitching.......................Doti...


  1. Hello Doti! Love that pretty little quilt you have finished and you are making great progress on the honeybee quilt... good idea to make up plenty of leaves at one time! Good luck getting the rest done! :) x

    1. Thank you Christine,for your lovely comments. So satisfying when you finish a UFO..Doti..


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