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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Two Finishes.

Yep!! Two finishes indeed.
The honey Bee Quilt and the 12th pair of Socks this year.

Centre of quilt and label.

Last pair of socks for the year...

I set myself a challenge to make a pair of socks a month for twelve months and this is the 12th pair..:0) I might even make some more..

This is the Honey Bee Quilt finished, all but the binding, and I am leaving that to do at the Bee this week. Binding the quilt is my favourite part of making a quilt, so I shall sit with the girls, and probably eat too much cake and finish it off completely...

The quilt was designed by Leanne Beasley and was published in her magazine Vignette.

The weather is the pits here in Suffolk, it has not stopped raining all day. So I am off to have some homemade soup and bread for lunch. Then to finish a little birthday gift for one of the girls.

Keep safe and keep stitching.....................Doti...


  1. Doti your Honey Bee Quilt is so beautiful... enjoy putting on the binding! Hope your weather improves!! Christine x

    1. Thank you Christeen, the weather has improved thank goodness..

  2. Clever you to be so far ahead in sock production... I'm only on pair No.3... Pretty quilt.. it makes me think of Spring... Oh! wait... thats wet too.... :-) xx

    1. Just finished pair 13 :0) , so you are 10 behind Teresa Ha!Ha!..


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