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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

You shorten your Jeans!

They were on sale at half price and the only ones in your size were long.
Yep!, you cut a chunk off your new jeans.


Now what do you do with the bits? Too nice to throw away, though you really should, but these have little hearts all over them :0).

So you unpick and give them a wash ( jeans shrunk on first wash and the colour ran), find some scrap fabrics that goes well with denim. 

Make paper pattern. And starting with a small square sew and flip onto heat resistant wadding till you have covered the square.

Using pattern cut out.

The backs were made from plain fabric and simply quilted, right sides joined together and flipped out. Now add some bias around the bottom plus a hanging loop.

Hope you noticed I made two Right gloves. I forgot to turn the pattern over Ha! Ha!

They are for me so I shall live with that. I also added some little appliqué hearts so not a scrap was wasted.

Other than making two right gloves it was a rewarding day and hopefully I will stop burning myself getting stuff out of the oven..

Keep safe and keep stitching.........................Doti...


  1. What a clever old stick you are Doti.... You have taken 'make do & mend' to new heights..... x

    1. Ha! Ha! Thank you Teresa, bit of fun really.x


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