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Monday, 19 November 2012

A little Christmas thingee

This all started with a little drawing and me wondering what to do with it. 

So I made a very small quilt, more like a block really 12" x 15"
                              with some fairly neutral scraps that I had. Now what do I do.
                                                               Stitchery or appliqué ?

I decided on appliqué, so after rummaging around in the scrap boxes, this is what I came up with. Not there yet I thought. Now what does it need?

Some more appliqué I think,.Yes it's getting there,

Well the little quilt has been on the design wall all night, so I looked at it with fresh eyes this morning. Definitely not there yet. There is some stitchery to do on the bird house and the leaves. I will do that first and then see what it looks like.

As usual I have gone off at a tangent. Did I do the stitchery on the little bird house? No...... I filled in some of the negative spaces with stitchery, as you do, so I still have the stitchery on the bird house and the appliqué leaves to do, but at last I think it is getting there  Ha!

To be continued when I have done said stitchery.

Keep safe and keep stitching.... Doti...

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