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Friday, 2 November 2012

Getting started again

This little bag has been all the way to Key West and not even been opened, it has my Fern Hill BOM all the threads, yoyo's and bias strips needed to almost finish it. but sadly it languished in all the heat while I had lots of fun.

Fern Hill button Club Mystery Quilt

It has at last been opened, quilt spread out and I do intend to get on with it today as there is only one more month to go, and I really do want to keep up to date.

Coming from the heat of Key West back to England has been a bit of a shock, and I don't feel much like moving far from the fire, plus we are still a little jet lagged. I know this sounds like an excuse. No it's not, I have tidied the sewing room, and am now ready to get started again..

 P.s. I am amazed at the amount of people that view this little blog and the places they come from Latvia,Ukraine, Germany,France, Australia, USA, Canada to name but a few, I love it but I do wish people would add a comment sometimes.

keep safe and keep stitching.....Doti..


  1. Once you have got started you will not want to stop!

  2. You are so right Anonymous , have worked all afternoon on it .

  3. Guess what I am trying again to comment but am having trouble!! The bag looks great have you done any sewing today I have not cos have been shopping went to,poor mans waitrose, namely Lidyl wow what bargains! See you Wednesday, love annx

  4. Really having trouble signing in! Lets try this. Ali


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