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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tidying up my Blog

Looking over my blog posts for the past couple of weeks I seem to be flitting about somewhat, so I thought I had better tidy up a bit.

The lovely silver thread that I had to send to the USA worked out at £7.59 a skein after customs and the post office had added their bits on. So is now very precious. I have whip stitched over my elves beards to make them more visible and yes they are now looking good.

Does my beard look good in this.

Completed top.

The top is now finished and now the dilemma is how do I quilt it. I hung it on the wall at Wednesday Club and the girls all made lots of suggestions.  Its now hanging on my design wall and I have been looking at it every day but nothing has come to me as yet. It's just not talking to me.
 Sorry about the bad photo.

Talking of Wednesday Club, several weeks ago I said the lovely Ann was making tree skirts. Well they were not tree skirts at all, they were table centres and they are lovely.

Ann's appliqué table centre

One of Mandy's Book's

On friday Alison, Jenny and myself did a days workshop with Mandy Shaw at Quilters Haven.
 Oh! my, what a wonderful, wonderful day. She is so energetic and we worked from her book 
"Stitch with love."making the most lovely Christmas decorations. 
These will have to wait till my next  blog post as I now have to go make sunday lunch.

Keep safe and keep stitching........Doti...

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