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Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year

Happy New Year 
to all my friends and readers of this blog.

Today we have taken down the Christmas decorations, and as I am pleased to get part of my sewing room back, mainly my ironing area. It is a little sad to pack them away again for another year.

I want to tell you about some thing my friend Debs shared on Facebook, you find yourself a screw top jar and when good things happen to you, or that make you LOL, surprise gifts, accomplished goals, memories worth saving, daily blessings or are just lovely times .Write them down on a small piece of paper, fold them up and pop them in your jar. Then this time next year, open them up and have fun reading and remembering all the lovely things that happened to you in 2013.

My Jar complete with bow, only two folded papers so far.
 I thought this was a lovely idea and my husband is going to join me too. Watch this space.

I have not done a lot of sewing, just a few more log cabin blocks, but I did sign up to do a Craftsy course on Hand Quilting. I am not bad at hand quilting, and I do love to hand quilt my quilts,
 but I wanted to learn that rocking stitch that a lot of hand quilters use, but believe me it is not easy. In fact it is quite hard and this is going to take some perseverance on my part. Another space to watch.Ha!

I still have Bertha Bunny who I made just before Christmas, and I am afraid I kept for myself. I have moved her off the sewing machine, and she now is lolling on a lovely box watching all proceedings.

The box was given to me by my friend Jean and on the top it says,
"People walk through our lives but only friends leave footprints on our hearts"  

Bertha Bunny
I store little precious things in this box, and I love the saying on the top.

Now to get some sewing done. That is not a large cup cake, its my ribbon box.

Keep safe and keep stitching....Doti..


  1. I did post a comment but they seem to be getting lost....
    Like the look of Bertha and love the sound of the box.

  2. I think we would need quite a big jar Dotti.... Don't you?

  3. Not so sure HillyFilly, two of us are doing my jar, and when something good happens, and I think "must put that in the jar" by the end of the day I have forgotten what it was I was going to put in Ha! Ha!..Senior moments or what....


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