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Friday, 17 May 2013

2nd UFO Finished

I'm pleased to have finished my 2nd UFO for this year. I still have lots of others to do, but this one is actually DONE. As you know, I have been plodding on with this one for weeks, taking it to the Bee and Wednesday Club. Well, it was Wednesday club this week and it duly came with me. I had three blocks to echo quilt around the appliqué left to do . Well I came home with two and a half still left to do.This is just not good enough I thought, so I sat all day yesterday and finished it , leaving only the binding to sew down. As you know that is my favourite bit in making a quilt, so have had another fun day stitching it down. Off to the garden to take some pictures. Sadly no sun today, so pictures a little flat.

Finished quilt.
 I think I know why so little stitching was done at Wednesday club. It was the birthdays of two of the "girls" Sandra and Lynne and we had of course the obligatory Birthday cake and a beautiful Pavlova, much laughter and present opening.

Lynne is fairly new to quilting and this is her first Quilt.We did pull her leg as she had been on a course at Quilters Haven to make Table Mats, and they ' morphed ' into a bed quilt.

Lynne's finished top.

Then we all helped Sandra to baste her quilt for her grandson, a brilliant design for a little boy.

Sandra's quilt being basted.
What with eating, talking and laughing, not a lot of sewing was done but it was a fun day.

After taking pictures of my finished quilt I placed it on the chest and got lunch. Seeing it with this Dodo  made me think the quilt nearly went the way of this extinct bird I was so fed up with it. 
So pleased I plodded on..

Now to open the next box and the next UFO or I might just go off  at a tangent again. We will see.

Keep safe and keep stitching.... Doti....

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