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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Take six shirts..

I have been saving shirts that my husband and sons no longer wear, for some time now, cutting them into useable pieces. Today I thought it was about time I started using them. Carl, you might recognise these as they are six of your shirts. Now to make 98 nine patch blocks, finished size 6 1/2 " The white I am using is Kona Snow, which tones in very nicely.

2 1/2 "squares
First lot of blocks.

So it's pedal to the metal as thats a lot of blocks to make and while I am sewing my husband is going to help with this post and tell you about some thing wonderful in our garden.

Isn't nature wonderful? We have lived in our flint built cottage for over a quarter of a century and one of the first things that we planted when we moved in was a Wisteria ( a gift from our daughter). This was to join the Virginia Creeper and the rambling roses which adorned our walls. Over the years it climbed and spread and did everything that wisterias are supposed to do except produce flowers.            
As part of ongoing restructuring, while adding a porch about 5 years ago, our builder chopped it down, marked out the footings and placed a large slab of concrete on top of it.
After two years, out from under the new porch, tiny wisteria tendrils appeared 
(determined little beggar, isn't it?). For the next three years it has moved, ever upwards, to the roofline and this year it has flowered. It seems threats don't do anything but chop it down and bury it in concrete and miracles happen.!

Wisteria climbing up the side of the porch

I could not have written that better my self. I was so thrilled when it came poking out, and rushed out and bought it's own bit of trellis to help support it, and as Ron says it's up to the roof line now and full of flowers.

Back to the sewing, I have been laying the blocks on the spare bed (on point) as I make them and I calculate about 25 blocks left to make. At this point I am quite pleased with them, hope they all line up when I come to sew them together.

Off to the Bee to morrow, a whole day of hand sewing. Much joy and maybe a little knitting.

Keep safe and keep stitching...... Doti & Ron.( one post only)..

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  1. Humm... I keep leaving comments & they don't appear!!
    I love the look of your shirts... its going to look very crisp... who's it destined for?
    Wisteria have a mind of their own anyway.....& your guest 'poster' did very well....!


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