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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Garden is Waking Up..

Just had a little trip around the garden, and I do think at last it is springing into life. It has been such a long cold winter. These pansies are outside the back door and did their best to flower through the very cold weather, I love their little faces.

 Love the Queen Anne's 
lace and Bluebells, and this is the first flowering for this honeysuckle .

 Even the veggie patch has some forget-me-nots, which I did not have the heart to pull up.

These little patches of Columbines (Grannies Bonnets) were kindly left by the birds and they are all over the place. We just let them flower whereever.

 This was one of my Birthday presents from Fiona looking splendid on the patio.

So that is a little trip around some of the garden. I have done some Knitting and Sewing but that will have to wait until
 the next Blog...

Keep safe and keep stitching + a little gardening.....Doti...

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