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Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's been one of those weeks.

Yes, indeed " one of those weeks". You know the ones where every thing you do turns to you know what. As everyone knows Google reader expired on the 1st of July, and I have been repeatedly trying to to put the Bloglovin' button on my blog, to no avail.

Two pigeons nested in our rose arbour, where we sit for morning coffee when the weather is good and they duly reared one scruffy looking chick, who on his/her maiden flight decided to fly into my green house. My husband carried him/her back to their nest, and then in the evening our Border Terrier presented us with one dead squab. It was a very sad day..  

Baby Pigeon being carried back to nest.

I made a trip to Bungay, to visit one of my most favourite quilt shops Sew and So's and have lunch with my friend Ann. We bought lots of fabric, and though I did not take my little mushroom blocks , thought I had bought just the right fabric to go with them. Not so, they just do not work at all. The fabric bottom left was the fabric I bought at Sew and So's. I then bought some more fabric at Quilters Haven as we were there for Wednesday Club bottom right, not sure they are right either. So then went through stash, top right, and think that might do better. There is a moral here some where, take your blocks with you when you go quilt shopping, or look through your stash first.

On the brighter side, I am about to make the binding for the linen quilt, as the quilting is nearly finished. This is mainly due to Wimbledon and the tennis. I do not feel guilty if I quilt at the same time as watching the tennis in the middle of the day.Ha!

At Wednesday Club yesterday, Liz was making some summer tops for her little granddaughter. Oh how I wish I had some little ones to make some for.. I hope we see photos of her granddaughter wearing these, they are just delightful .

 My car, that is very poorly and in the very expensive car hospital, will hopefully be coming home on Friday. Then we can give back the courtesy car my husband laughingly calls the corset, it's so tiny.....and life might get back to normal, well hopefully.

Keep safe and keep stitching....Doti...

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