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Monday, 30 September 2013

A Good Weekend..

It was a good weekend, in lots of ways. The weather was perfect for this time of the year, so I got on with lots of jobs in the garden, as well as lots of sewing things.

First of all, last night I finished the Harlequin Quilt. It will now be put away for someone special. It's a secret so I can't say who. I hand quilted it in the ditch all over.

There was enough going on in this quilt with all the different colours, 150 in all, that no quilting needed to be seen as well. I am very pleased with it, having had the quilt kit for over eighteen months, I feel like I have finished another UFO.. 

 This gate seems to be used a lot to photograph my quilts. Its the sliding gate to the holiday cottage, and makes quite a good backdrop. My other favourite place is one of the wood piles. We have had three ton of logs delivered for the winter and all are neatly stacked, ready for our cosy wood burner..

This is to be my next sewing job. I bought this large linen panel and thought it would make a wonderful Christmas table cloth. I think it is by Stoff, though it is not marked on my bit. 
Just looked up on Quilters Haven, and it was Stoff.

This photo is not very good as it is much redder more cherry red than this picture shows. My friend who came to stay in the cottage last week gave me a lesson on easy rolled hems, so I am going to give it a go..

Last but not least, this is Gladdie our Deer Hound, she knows she is not allowed on this settee, and not only that she thought she would pull down a cushion to lay her head on. Cheeky monkey!

About to try out my rolled hem, hope I remember it all...

Keep safe and keep stitching....Doti...


  1. The harlequin quilt is looking fab...

  2. Amazing quilt...and certainly a labour of love when you have hand quilted. Love it. Marie


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