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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Up grade ?....

I don't think so, more like a down grade. :0(

Normal procedure when about to write blog is take photos, wait for iCloud to put them on computer, crop and sort out, then off we go. Well, all my lovely photos are off on a big cloud somewhere, but definitely not on my computer. Oh no.. my computer definitely has a mind of it's own, and did not like this new up grade for sure. 
After two days of trying to sort things, I had to enlist help from No 1 son via FaceTime, and all is sorted now. So here is a very late blog this week.

 You might remember me buying this book by Tula Pink, some weeks back. Well, so as not to be left with blocks that I was not sure about, I have started at block No 1 and intend to work my way through to No 100. So far I am using my scraps from the Egyptian triangle quilt, and intend to add in more aqua/ turquoise as I go along. I have sorted through the stash and scrap bins and I sure have enough for these little blocks.

This is block No 8 and it has 28 pieces in it and it ends up 6 1/2" finished!..
Steep learning curve for me.

Some fabrics from stash.

 I have also been working on my Jinny Beyer quilt, which I now see is called Harlequin Charm. Hand quilting in the ditch and the middle is finished, just the borders to quilt now. I do find hand quilting in the ditch very boring, but I did think there was enough going on with all the 150 colours in this quilt, that it was the only way to go. The winter schedule has started on TV Downtown Abby etc so I don't mind so much sitting and hand quilting..

Centre of quilt hand quilted in the ditch.

Work has also been going on my socks for Christmas (while telly watching), and as you can see my sock Buddy is presiding over the first five pairs. Now to cast on the sixth pair.

So it's back to the next block in the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, the hand quilting can wait till this evening (if there is something good on the telly)..

Keep safe and keep stitching........Doti.....

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