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Friday, 1 November 2013

Home again..

We are indeed home again. We had a wonderful holiday and my, oh! my, were our dogs pleased to see us. We would have stayed longer if it was not for them. I do miss them so much.

One or two pictures from our holiday, and then, it's back to sewing for me. I have to finish writing up Mystery Block 8, which I hope to put up on or around the 12th of Nov..

 I have just downloaded the BOM pattern for this month Floral Impressions by Deborah Kemball. (and she did warn me in advance), but it's still a case of goodness gracious me or OMG to put it bluntly.
I did think much the same last month, and then I was pleased with the finish, so we shall see.

 This is one of the modes of transport around the island.  It's called the Conch Train, there is even a song about it called "Stuck behind the Conch Train ".It only travels at 20 miles an hour, and even cycles over take it. Though we walked everywhere, to combat all the extra eating and drinking we were doing. :0)

This Kapok tree is down the street from where No 1 son lives, I thought you might like to see the roots on it.

Aren't they incredible! This is because it is only 12 feet above sea level in this part of town, that however is the highest level on the island…

Had to show you this as it was one of the last fish I caught, though No1 son had to help me land it, then hold it. My, it was a fighter, and slippery as hell. He also lived to fight another day as we put him back in the sea. Someone said they thought it was a king mackerel..

The last fish I caught was of similar size and as we were both trying to reel him in, a huge Barracuda was circling and ate said fish, my hook and line.. ta da…

This was the sewing that I did manage to get done, all 175 1/2' hexes. Gee this quilt is going to take a long time..

Now back to sorting out sewing jobs.

Keep safe and keep stitching……..Doti..


  1. You can do it! I know you can - after this month, lots of months free of many circles/ovals. We both have sighthounds - at least I think one of yours is. We have a one year old fawn brindle whippet and we are all totally besotted by him so I understand how much you miss yours!

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Deborah.. I do indeed have a site hound a Scottish Deer hound called Gladdie...


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