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Sunday, 24 November 2013

I am Working.

Just to let you know, and to give you all a good laugh, I am indeed stitching away. 

It was a glorious November day, very very cold but the sun was shining, in fact so brightly I should have drawn the blinds, but who wants to shut the sun out in the middle of winter? So to keep the sun out of my eyes, I borrowed one of Mr M's hats.

I know, not very elegant, or a very pretty sight.:0))

If I had been using my big machine, no problems, but as I had to use my old machine ( it does better button hole stitch) the only place to put it is bang in front of the window. Hence the sun, shining right in my eyes. Mr M laughed so much when he came in, he took this photo.

And this was our lovely Gladdie watching proceedings over the top of the couch, not quite believing she had got it all to her self for once.

Gladdie our Scottish Deerhound.

This is a short post today, got to get back to my appliqué. There will however be no hat today, it is a very grey and miserable November day here in the UK.

Keep safe and keep stitching…….Doti..

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  1. That's a very cute picture of you in the hat. The sunshine looks so pleasant! We are getting cold rainy weather here in Texas, too. I'm ready to see the sunshine again.


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