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Monday, 11 November 2013

Mystery Quilt Block 8.

We are getting near the end of this little mystery wallhanging, just one more month. It has been fun for me and hope it has been fun for you.

Well here is Mrs Owl sitting with her owlets.Not sure that is the name for baby owls.

Cut a piece of background fabric 17” x 7 “
and trace the design on to it.
You might want to iron on stabilizer on to the back at this point.

Embroider the birds and appliqué the flowers, in colours of your choice. Instead of appliqué for the flowers I have coloured them with Crayola crayons.

When embroidery and appliqué are finished.
Cut to size 15 1/4” x 5 1/2” and stitch to the top of blocks  6 & 7. Month 8 finished.

Line drawing for block 8.

The top part of your quilt should now look like this…


Sorry about this photo, it was taken out side and was blowing in the wind, so the top looks bigger than the bottom.

Now, I have to make up block 9 for next month, which is in my head at the moment, but not down on paper or stitched.Then of course, the dreaded "How am I going to quilt it". Probably by hand as its not very big, and gives me another excuse to sit by the fire. :0))

As you know, I am doing an appliqué BOM called Floral Impressions designed by Deborah Kemball with beautiful fabric from Oakshott.

It is all hand appliqué. I have only ever made one thing before using hand appliqué that I thought was OK and that was a little bag. The rest sadly I have binned . Yes they were that bad..

 This is to be my final attempt at hand appliqué. I hope by the end of twelve months I will have conquered it.  
Month one, I was so pleased with. Month two well...I am leaving it how it is at the moment as I have un-sewn the petals so much. Just hoping I will have enough fabric at the end to redo this block…

Months one and two of the Floral Impressions Quilt.

Keep safe and keep stitching…. Doti...

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  1. Hi doti. I'm in the uk and jetlagged last night, yours was the only blog's name i ould remember so i looked uo. So pleased to see your November block, beautiful wavy leaves - wow. And i think your petals look whimsical and lovely and think you will be happy once you have finished. If you wanttdo redo this block, i think you will have enough fabric, but i dont think you should as it is lovely in its own right.


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