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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Back on line again.

Oh! what a week, no internet and it is not until you loose it that you realise how much you depend on it.
We had to rely on the radio and the T V to know what was going on in the world.

I have however been plodding on with appliqué on the floral impressions quilt, all 12 feet of it. I am about halfway there now, and once these borders are done the whole top can be put together.

 I had to have a little break from the hand turned appliqué, so have been playing around with a grey linen shirt of Mr M's that I cut up and that lovely bundle of fat 1/4's  called Flirt by Dear Stella. 

I also completed my Sew a Row for our Bee's charity Quilt, though I forgot to take a photo before I passed it on to Fiona who is going to do the next row.

Two of the girls Alison and Liz at the Bee yesterday, were finishing off their knitted garments for their grandchildren
though as usual they were hiding behind them.

I have no little ones to knit for now, so I was quite envious. Although I am still knitting Mr M's grey afghan, though not as fast as I knitted the brown and beige one.
Got to get back to the appliqué quilt so,

Keep safe and keep stitching...............Doti...

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