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Friday, 26 September 2014

Not much Sewing done.

It seems ages since I wrote a post, but really there has been nothing to write about. We have been busy clearing out sheds and the loft as we are going to have work done on the cottage. It's been a little bit like going down memory lane while clearing out, finding lots of pots I made before I retired and  closed the Pottery. 

Quilting and Knitting were my hobbies then, now I would quilt all day and knit all evenings if I had my way but those little things called housework and cooking seem to get in the way a bit.

Some knitting has been done and I only have another 10 squares to do on the grey afghan for Mr M. He looks longingly at the brown and beige one that I made for myself every time I cosy up in it in the evenings. Autumn has definitely arrived.

I think I may have worked through my PINK phase, (thank goodness). The last pink thing is residing on the design wall and yuk! it can stay there as I have no desire to finish it. Well, at least not at the moment. If however, I have to make a quick baby quilt for a little girl..... Who Knows...

I am slowly working down the appliqué borders of the Floral Impressions quilt designed by
 Deborah Kemball , using the lovely Oakshott fabrics , I am getting there but it is very slow progress. 

However Oakshott's had a sale and I did get a lovely half meter bundle.

Now isn't that just beautiful, 6 meters in total, but I can't touch it until I have finished the appliqué quilt.

 Now that thing called cooking is calling me, preparation for our evening meal..

So keep safe and keep stitching..........................Doti...


  1. Beautiful knitted squares.......

  2. Beautiful knitted squares.......

  3. What ply wool did you use for your squares. I am making one using dk, and it looks larger than yours?.

    1. I am using 4ply. Same number of stitches and rows as pattern, they do come up slightly smaller. 6 1/2 inches after blocking. I had some lovely Shetland and Alpaca wool I wanted to use. Doti.


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